Free Science Investigations

Students can take advantage of the summer weather by exploring nature—and learning at the same time! Keep learning going this summer with these free investigations.

  • Ouch! A Prickly Plant: Learn how cactus survives in the desert. Then, conduct a Super Simple Science investigation to model how a cactus saves water using a sponge.
  • Let Worms Do the Work: Read about the important role worms play in turning plant and animal waste into compost for farmers. Then, build your own worm compost as a fun summer science experiment.
  • Hey! Don’t Eat My Plants!: Explore ways gardeners use to keep hungry animals and insects away from garden plants. Then, construct a plant protector of your design to protect a plant in the garden.
  • Wildlife in the City: Think and reflect on the wildlife living in the urban environment as you learn about the urban ecosystem and how animals adapt to city life.


Download Biographies

Encourage students to keep up their learning during the summer with TCI’s biographies. This collection includes notable figures who have made significant contributions in science and history.


From prickly plants to carnivorous ones, explore the fascinating world of plants with your class. Free lessons and career profiles, in this collection, include:

  • Ouch! A Prickly Plant: Learn about how the spines on a cactus help it survive in a dry area.
  • Plants That Trap Insects: Read about carnivorous plants, then develop a testable question and conduct an original investigation in this open inquiry activity.
  • Engineering Challenge: Designing a Seed Dispersal Device: Help Nana grow a garden in the empty lot near her house by engineering a seed dispersal device.
  • Career Profiles: Environmental Scientists, Foresters, Chief Sustainability Officers.
Baseball Stadium

What is the science behind baseball? In this collection of free lessons, your students learn about baseball traditions, explore the relationship between kinetic energy and mass, and more!

  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Read or sing the song “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” to learn about traditions.
  • Play Ball!: Explore how the weight of a ball changes how it moves and what you can observe. Think about how this impacts the game of baseball.
  • Measuring Kinetic Energy: How can pitchers throw a baseball faster? Do the math! Learn how to calculate the relationship between kinetic energy and mass.
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