Free Science Investigations

Students can take advantage of the summer weather by exploring nature—and learning at the same time! Keep learning going this summer with these free investigations.

  • Ouch! A Prickly Plant: Learn how cactus survives in the desert. Then, conduct a Super Simple Science investigation to model how a cactus saves water using a sponge.
  • Let Worms Do the Work: Read about the important role worms play in turning plant and animal waste into compost for farmers. Then, build your own worm compost as a fun summer science experiment.
  • Hey! Don’t Eat My Plants!: Explore ways gardeners use to keep hungry animals and insects away from garden plants. Then, construct a plant protector of your design to protect a plant in the garden.
  • Wildlife in the City: Think and reflect on the wildlife living in the urban environment as you learn about the urban ecosystem and how animals adapt to city life.
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