Free Science Investigations

Brr! As the Winter Solstice approaches, dig into these teaching resources that use videos, simulations, and readings to investigate the changing seasons:

  • How Long Is the Sun in the Sky?: Collect data on sunlight hours for each season in this animation-based investigation.
  • Modeling the Seasons: Create a classroom planetarium and explore the Key Science Concept Video to investigate Earth’s tilted axis and the seasons.
  • Career Profile: Learn how astronomers explore space in this out-of-this-world career profile.

Thanksgiving Science

Download Resources

Dive into the science of a Thanksgiving meal with video-based investigations. This collection includes:

  • Free Lessons: Cooking Matters, Domesticating Corn, Thanksgiving Leftovers, and From Sun to Table
  • Key Science Concept Video: Watch a video about stimuli and responses while cooking.
  • Career Profile: Learn how food chemists take care of the hidden chemistry in the food industry.

Achoo! It’s flu season, the perfect time to teach your students all about viruses and vaccines with:

  • Lessons: Attack of the Viruses, SWAT Those Germs!, A Universal Flu Vaccine?, Diagnosing JJ, and A History Mystery: The Plague Ghost Ship
  • Career Profile: Epidemiologists
  • Biographies: Louis Pasteur and Edward Jenner


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