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Passing the Nineteenth Amendment

Introduce your students to the history of the Nineteenth Amendment which expanded voting rights to women. In this multimedia lesson, your students examine a primary source song and image.

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The Trials of Joan of Arc

Read the story of Joan of Arc, then write questions for interviews with Joan of Arc and a person from the present-day.

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Era of Reform

Examine key excerpts from the Declaration of Sentiments and consider how much progress has been made for women.

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The Clash Between Traditionalism and Modernism

Discuss three opinions on 1920s social issues from either a traditionalist or modernist perspective.

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Biography Videos

Engage students in Women’s History Month with compelling biography videos.

Susan B. Anthony

Clara Barton

Amelia Earhart

Sojourner Truth


Learn about women who contributed to their communities. Consider assigning a group to read each and share what they’ve learned.

Primary Source Activities

These rich Primary Sources come with questions to guide students through analysis and can be used to facilitate classroom discussions.

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