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Cooking Matters

Explore the science of cooking by creating a Thanksgiving menu! Watch a video phenomenon to see how substances change. Then, learn how substances and properties change in the kitchen.

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Domesticating Corn

Dig into the domestication of corn and other plants. Watch a video to explore artificial selection, then research the domestication of a plant.

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From Sun to Table

How does energy from the sun end up in our Thanksgiving meal? Watch a thermal infrared video, then model how energy moves in an ecosystem with a Thanksgiving trophic pyramid.

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Conservation of Matter

Learn about the other “leftovers,” the byproducts of a chemical reaction. Students watch a video of a chemical reaction, model chemical reactions with sandwiches, and learn how antacids work.

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Cooking Senses

Explore stimuli and responses in the kitchen. Begin by watching the Key Science Concept video about stimuli and responses while cooking. Then, identify common stimuli found in a busy kitchen and how fast responding sense receptors make us better cooks.

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Career Profile – Food Chemist

Did you know that some chemists also work in the kitchen? Food chemists take care of the hidden chemistry in the food industry.

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