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Creating a Memorial Day Badge

Find Memorial Day on a calendar, listen to a short informative audio clip, and make a Memorial Day badge based off of what they have learned.

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Analyzing Art From World War I

Read about the final days of World War I and the immense loss it caused many nations. Then, compare and contrast two songs about the war. Finally, conduct independent research to find and analyze a poem about World War I.

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Understanding the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Read about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Then, analyze a directory of names to make personal connections with Vietnam Veterans and study photos of the memorial.

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Primary Source Activities

These rich Primary Sources come with questions to guide students through analysis and can be used to facilitate classroom discussions.

Additional Resources

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Incorporate some of these Memorial Day lesson plans, multimedia resources, and activities into your lesson to help students learn about this holiday.

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PBS Learning Media

Take young students back in history to learn about the origin of Memorial Day with this short and engaging video.

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Google Arts & Culture

Take a virtual tour through five United States veterans and war memorials to honor the people who have died while serving our country. 

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