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Ouch! A Prickly Plant

Learn about how the spines on a cactus help it survive in a dry area. Then, model the defensive properties of a cactus with a sponge, toothpicks, and water.

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Plants That Trap Insects

Read about carnivorous plants, then develop a testable question and conduct an original investigation in this open inquiry activity.

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Team of volunteers picking up litter in park

Save the Park Day

Read about how to protect parks from litter in the community. Then, think about problems in students’ own communities and brainstorm solutions.

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Featured Career Profiles

Explore careers that help protect the environment. Consider assigning a group to read each and share what they’ve learned.

Outside Resources

Every TCI lesson includes ideas for Enhancing Learning. Here are a few that may be helpful to teach your students about plants and gardens.

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Can’t be with your students in person? Try out some fun virtual backgrounds!

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