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What Are the Social Sciences?

Find and share artifacts from home that represent economics, geography, civics, and history.

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Investigating the Past

Act as a “history detective”! Learn about the past by asking questions and conducting inquiries.

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America’s Founding Ideals

Examine primary sources to study the influence of the ideals in the Declaration of Independence.

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Primary Source Activities

These rich Primary Sources come with questions to guide students through analysis and can be used to facilitate classroom discussions.

Additional Resources

See these collections for additional ideas.


Run by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, this site invites students to become a historian by studying artifacts from a family in the 1700s. Students examine clues, make conclusions about the family, and compare their ideas to those of actual historians.

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PBS Learning Media

Check out the six stories that explain the origins of a particular aspect of different Native American civilizations.

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