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Elementary Science

How Do People’s Everyday Lives Affect Earth’s Systems?

Identify examples of how daily activities affect Earth’s systems. Then research how your daily activities impact the Earth. Find solutions to reduce our impact on Earth’s systems and share your findings with the class.

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Elementary Social Studies

Earth Day and Civics

Watch a video of fourth graders proposing a law to their city council. Then, simulate a city council meeting in the classroom.

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Elementary Social Studies

How Can I Take Care of the World?

Create a brand new toy from items that would have been thrown away.

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Secondary Science

Climate Change and Communities

For Earth Day, have your students explore the effects of climate change on communities. Students examine graphs and data on extreme weather. They use the data to develop a plan for addressing climate change.

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Secondary Social Studies

Debating Policies 

Assume the role of a delegate to the United Nations to debate a resolution on global climate change.

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Featured Career Profiles

Explore careers in Earth and climate science. Consider assigning a group to read each and share what they’ve learned.

Additional Resources

See these collections for additional Earth Day ideas.

Browse through a variety of resources on climate and environmental issues, then select an activity to engage your students on Earth Day.

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PBS Learning Media

Appreciate and admire the intricacies of planet Earth by exploring captivating videos on Earth systems and processes.   

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Environmental Protection Agency

Shop for lesson ideas and make a virtual trip to the EPA Exhibit to learn what the government is doing to protect public health and the environment.

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