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Attack of the Viruses

Explore how past viral outbreaks happened and what we’ve learned from them. Then, compare and contrast historical events with current events.

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SWAT Those Germs!

Everything is covered in germs! So why don’t we get sick all the time? Discover the SWAT team that protects your body and how it works.

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A Universal Flu Vaccine?

Why is there a new flu shot each year? Discover how scientists are continuing to work toward a universal flu shot.

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Diagnosing JJ

Meet JJ. He’s concerned that he may have a serious disease. Take on the role of a doctor to diagnose JJ.

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A History Mystery: The Plague Ghost Ship

How did the plague spread in medieval Europe? Use this activity to explore the spread of disease. Then, read about the bubonic plague and how it impacted society at the time.

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Featured Career Profile: Epidemiologists

Discover what epidemiologists do with a short reading. Then, answer questions about the skills epidemiologists need to have and how they play an important role in keeping the public healthy.

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Read about two scientists whose research led to the development of two important vaccines.

Louis Pasteur (1822–1895)

Learn about Louis Pasteur, a French scientist who changed people’s understanding of microorganisms.

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Image Credit: Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikimedia
Edward Jenner (1749–1823)

Discover how this English scientist changed how we treat diseases like smallpox.

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