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Sea Turtle
Elementary    FL Civics Benchmarks: 2.CG.2.2

Sea Turtle Season: Responsible Citizenship

Every year, sea turtles come to nest on Florida beaches. Their nesting sites are protected by law. In this lesson, students learn how protecting sea turtles is part of responsible citizenship.

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We the People
Secondary   FL Civics Benchmarks: 7.CG.1.7

The Constitutional Convention

Before the Constitution, there was the Articles of Confederation. Watch a video to introduce the Articles, then examine the weaknesses of the Articles and compare it to the Constitution.

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Elementary    FL Civics Benchmarks: 4.CG.2.1

Earth Day and Civics

In this free lesson, students watch a video of fourth graders proposing a law to their city council. They then simulate a city council meeting in the classroom.

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Secondary   FL Civics Benchmarks: SS.8.CG.2.2

Tax Day

Review the responsibilities of citizens, including paying taxes. Watch videos and read Citizen Stories to identify examples of local, state, or national citizenship.

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Secondary   FL Civics Benchmarks: SS.912.CG.4.2

American Foreign Policy

When headlines mention economic sanctions, your students may be wondering how they are used in foreign policy. In this lesson, students simulate a situation room with a historical example.

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Elementary    FL Civics Benchmarks: SS.2.CG.2.4

Symbols of the United States

Students watch a video or read a story about how people celebrate Independence Day. They look for symbols, people, and documents that represent the United States.

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Elementary    FL Civics Benchmarks: SS.5.CG.3.4, SS.5.CG.2.3

Passing the Nineteenth Amendment

Introduce your students to the history of the Nineteenth Amendment, which expanded voting rights to women. In this multimedia lesson, your students examine a primary source song and image.

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Constitutional Checks and Balances
Secondary   FL Civics Benchmarks: SS.7.CG.1.9

Choosing a New Supreme Court Justice

In this lesson, students examine a quote by James Madison and complete a graphic organizer. They watch video examples of checks and balances in action and identify the powers of each branch.

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Daylight Savings
Elementary    FL Civics Benchmarks: SS.K.CG.1.1, SS.K.CG.1.2

Daylight Savings Rules Help Us

On Daylight Savings Day, we move our clocks ahead one hour. Why do we have laws like this? In this lesson, students watch a video story to learn why rules and laws are important.

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Ides-of-March-Free Lesson
Secondary   FL Civics Benchmarks: SS.6.CG.1.2

Ides of March: Roman Influences on the U.S. Government 

For the Ides of March, have your class explore the Roman Republic. In this lesson, students compare and contrast the political system in Ancient Rome and the modern-day United States.

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Garrett A. Morgan
Elementary    FL Benchmarks:1.CG.1.1 & 1.CG.1.2

Civics Lesson: Garrett A. Morgan Made His Community Safer

In this civics lesson, your students will learn about Garrett A. Morgan and the steps he took to make his community safer.

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Citizenship Awards
Elementary    FL Benchmarks: 3.CG.2.1

Civics Lesson: Good Citizenship Awards

In this lesson, your students will learn about the accomplishments of Black Americans who demonstrated good citizenship and made their communities better.

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The Declaration of Independence
Elementary    FL Benchmarks: 5.CG.1.1

Civics Lesson: The Declaration of Independence

In this lesson, your students will act as historians and examine this founding document to find out why it was created and the ideals it supports.

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Ancient Greece
Secondary   FL Benchmarks: 7.CG.1.1 & 7.CG.1.2

Civics Lesson: Ancient Greek and Roman Influences in the U.S. Government

Like the Winter Olympics, our government has roots in Ancient Greece. In this free lesson, your students will make connections between the U.S. government and political principles from ancient Greece and Rome. 

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Elementary    FL Civics Benchmarks: SS.5.CG.2.4

Month of Giving Inquiry Project

Empower students to help their community with this mini-inquiry project. Students research problems and propose solutions in this group activity.

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Secondary   FL Civics Benchmarks: SS.8.CG.2.5

Do They Have the Right? Game

Play a game called Do They Have the Right?, in which students examine Supreme Court cases and debate whether the Bill of Rights protects the related rights and freedoms.

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Secondary   FL Civics Benchmarks: SS.912.CG.3.2, SS.912.CG.1.1

The Bill of Rights and Civil Liberties

For Bill of Rights Day, examine the First Amendment through actual Supreme Court Cases. In groups, students review and debate the facts of the case.

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