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Making Communities Better

Create a human monument honoring the contributions of Cテゥsar Chテ。vez.

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The Widening Struggle

Analyze a poster and song from the UFW grape boycott and predict how the civil rights movement might have expanded.

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Cテゥsar Chテ。vez: Working for Change

Learn about the life of Cテゥsar Chテ。vez, then plan a monument to honor his accomplishments.

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Biography Video

Watch the video or read the biography about Cテゥsar Chテ。vez with your students.

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Learn about three Americans who fought for farmworkers窶 rights. Consider assigning a group to read each and share what they窶况e learned.

Additional Resources

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A Lesson About Cテゥsar Chテ。vez and Civil Rights

Acquaint students with the legacy of Cテゥsar Chテ。vez as they analyze excerpts from Chテ。vez’s speeches.

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Cテゥsar Chテ。vez | Labor Leader and Civil Rights Activist

Discover how Cテゥsar Chテ。vez organized farmworkers to start a labor movement with a biographical video, photograph, and speech.ツ

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Cテゥsar Chテ。vez Day Model Curriculum

Explore K窶12 model curriculum and resources for Cテゥsar Chテ。vez Day from the California Department of Education website.

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