June 26 Update: Grade by Section and Other Teacher Requests

✨ Feature Spotlight: Default to Grade by Section

By popular demand, grading now defaults to “by section” instead of “by lesson.” This update will be available on June 30, 2024.

Prefer the old way? This default can be changed in Settings, allowing teachers to customize their grading options quickly for all lessons.

Updates and Teacher Requests

  • Auto-rostering for Multiple Terms: TCI’s auto-rostering now supports semester-style classes for the entire year, streamlining your rostering process.
  • Save Space on Students Page: The sidebar is collapsed by default for students, saving space and helping them focus better on their assignments. (Effective June 30)
  • Indicator for Second Attempt on Drag and Drop Questions: A yellow marker makes it easy to spot questions students got right on their second try.
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