Top 5 Ways To Have Students Use TCI from Home

TCI student licenses include the Text for each chapter

As many schools make plans for having students complete coursework from home, we wanted to share five concrete things every student who has a TCI license for social studies or science can do.

The TCI text allows students to hear the text read aloud, read the text in Spanish, see main ideas, and now students even have the ability to mark up their text. The text can be downloaded and/or printed for offline use too.

Student text with notes
Text with Notes

The Notebook is also embedded in the TCI account

Students can record their content-related notes here.  Teachers are able to view and grade responses from students from their accounts.  Notebook prompts can be read aloud like the text and are available in Spanish too!

A Lesson Game is available to play at the end of each chapter

The questions go directly to the student’s reading of the text and are scored automatically.  Scores are recorded and the results are available for the teachers to review individually or even by class. The game can be played in both English or Spanish.

LEsson Game

Animated vocabulary cards are included for each chapter

Students use these to review as they prepare for taking a summative assessment.  As with all other student features, they are available in both English and Spanish.

Vocabulary Cards
Vocabulary Cards

Students can also take assessments online from home

Assessments are made in the teacher account and can be assigned individually or by groups, classes, and even all students.


Additional Suggestions

  • Consider recording a screencast of the important parts of the lesson using the TCI Lesson Guide.  For example, if your lesson has images and questions for students to consider, bullet points with information, or an investigation that students might be able to do on their own at home, you could record a video with instructions using the slide deck in your Lesson Guide.
  • For Bring Science Alive! programs – Many of our chapters also include digital simulations to go with the investigations and the reference text. 
  • Learn more about our programs and features by taking our on-demand course!

Do you have other suggestions or ways in which you are using TCI at home with your students?  Share it and tag us @TeachTCI!

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