Who Uses TCI?

Across the country, school and districts are using TCI at every grade level. Some of these enthusiastic districts include:

Austin Independent School District, Austin, TX
Implementing TCI in grades K-12 since 2005

Denver Public Schools, Denver, CO
Implementing TCI in grades K-12 since 2005

Hazelwood School District, Florissant, MO
Implementing TCI in grades K-12 since 2003

Portland Public Schools, Portland, OR
Implementing TCI since 1989

San Francisco Unified School District, San Francisco, CA
Implementing TCI since 2005

Who Uses TCI?

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Would you like to know why these districts and others keep coming back to TCI? Below are just a few comments our teachers shared with us about their own experience with TCI and how it has benefited their classrooms. We love to hear these wonderful success stories!

Jeanne VanWashenova, Social Studies Teacher

Lincoln Middle School, Ypsilanti, MI

Linda Prieskorn"As a teacher, it's so much more enjoyable teaching with TCI, even after 23 years in the classroom. I'm having a great time teaching and my students are loving learning. If I had to give any advice to other teachers going through an adoption, I'd say absolutely go with TCI. Hands down. I'm having fun and my students are having fun. In all my years of teaching, this is the most student friendly, teacher friendly program I have ever had the privilege of using." Read Jeanne's Story

Linda Prieskorn, Social Studies Teacher

Clague Middle School, Ann Arbor, MI

Linda Prieskorn"As a Curriculum Coordinator I helped teachers adopt TCI for elementary school. I was so impressed that I quickly expanded our adoption into middle school. I believe Geography Alive! is the finest textbook out there. After spending years in the early part of my career trying to design my own lessons I was so pleased to come upon Geography Alive! All of the lessons are first-rate and truly do meet all of the different learning styles. I am proud to say that we now have TCI throughout our district, in elementary, middle, and in many high school classes."

Barbara Easley, Social Studies Coordinator

Hazelwood School District, Florissant, MO

Barbara Easley"TCI is Hazelwood School District's primary source for social studies texts, materials, and electronic resources. We have used TCI products since 1998 and continue to adopt new TCI programs as they become available. Social studies teachers know that using TCI means having structures for cooperative learning, providing text that all students can comprehend and supporting the literacy goals of the district, using graphic organizers, teaching summarization skills, and engaging diverse students in learning about social studies in a real world context. I especially appreciate TCI technology, which is very user friendly; no one needs to know much about technology to make things happen in the classroom. Student usage of the technology has also increased student involvement in classroom activities."

Carla Frenzel, Secondary Social Studies Coordinator

Denver Public Schools, Denver, CO

Carla Frenzel"Using the TCI materials has led to increased student engagement. We use it throughout our district, from elementary school through high school and have recently been pleased to add the use of TCI's technology component in many of our classrooms. Using the TCI's technology has been a great teaching tool for teachers. In January 2011, 49 of our teachers attended a TCI Academy. Every single teacher said it was the best professional development experience they ever had. They came away with a stronger sense of how to use the TCI materials within their curriculum to increase student engagement and achievement."

Teresa Camajani, History, Government, Economics Teacher

George Washington High School, San Francisco Unified School District , San Francisco, CA

"I have been using TCI materials for nearly 20 years. I have always been impressed with the materials, but never more so than with the current American Democracy program for high school students. This program does a superb job of teaching the foundations of democracy and then providing subsequent class and group projects that take that core knowledge and allow students to flourish in their own critical thinking. This solid foundation leads to great discussions that are thoughtful, mature, and insightful, and the writing that's produced has been remarkable. Not only do I love it, but my kids love it too."

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