Inside a TCI Classroom

When you teach with TCI, your classroom no longer looks like an ordinary class. You don't see kids sitting in rows, taking notes, and nodding off. And you never feel like you're talking to just a few students while the rest of your class zones out.

TCI programs get kids moving, thinking, and learning, sometimes all at the same time. The foundation of TCI is in its approach to teaching. Every TCI program is designed to reach learners of all abilities using multiple intelligences teaching strategies and theory and research-based active instruction. Students go in-depth and hands-on in every TCI program. The result? Enriching instruction, excited learners, and improved test scores.

But don't take our word for it. Step inside a TCI classroom and see for yourself.

TCI Social Studies

(1 min)

TCI Science

(3 min)

Tci Inclass

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