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Classroom Technology

We've created a complete learning system that is robust enough for tech-savvy users yet intuitive and easy for technophobes.

CODiE Award Best Social Studies Instructional Solution

Teacher Subscription Features


Classroom Presentations

Each lesson has an engaging presentation loaded with great content, interactive whiteboard technology, proven educational theory, and classroom experiences your students will never forget.


Assessment Tools

We've made it easy for you to create custom assessments, comment and grade the notebook, and see Reading Challenge scores on our innovative Scores page. Plus, you'll be over the moon when your students complete their assessments online.


Send Messages and Share Files

Easily send messages to your classes ("Don't forget about the quiz tomorrow!") and share files (like those great images of Rome).

Differentiated Instruction
Differentiated Instruction

Each lesson has strategies for differentiated instruction for English language learners, students with special needs, and advanced learners.

Common Core Activities and State Standards Correlations

We make it painless to meet and view standards. Assign Common Core Activities and give students scores and feedback online. View the state standards addressed in each lesson with one click on our Correlations menu.

Student Subscription Features

Student Text

Student Text

Online Student Text provides content that supports and extends class activities. Students digest content in small "chunks" so it is easy to understand.


Interactive Student Notebook: Common Core Activities

The Interactive Student Notebook challenges students with writing and drawing activities based on the Common Core standards.


Game-like Reading Challenges

Motivating students to read is easy when they are excited about "winning" game-like Reading Challenges. Games vary by age level. Older students get to solve investigations with primary sources. Younger students get excited by uncovering hidden pictures.

Reading Tools

Reading Tools

An interactive learning environment awaits your students with audio tools, rich images, in-line vocabulary, Spanish, and more.

Spanish Translations

Spanish Translations

Students can toggle between English and Spanish text and can have either text read to them using the text-to-audio feature. As the teacher, you control which students have access to the Spanish text.

Hardware Agnostic

PC, Mac, Tablet, and Smart Phone

Students can work on PCs, Macs, iPads, and other mobile devices. In fact they can start their work on one device and finish on another. No "dog ate my homework" excuses here!

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