Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Build a positive, safe, and inclusive learning environment for your students with TCI’s SEL-aligned programs and resources.

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Education Research Meets Classroom Realities

Weaving educational research with the realities of classroom teaching, TCI’s social studies and science programs engage students, foster their love of learning, and help them better understand their social and emotional needs.

Inclusive and Diverse Classroom

Creating an Inclusive Classroom

TCI’s Cooperative, Inclusive Classroom provides concrete steps to create a classroom environment where all students are valued and have a voice. In the classroom, teachers build meaningful connections with students and act as facilitators to student learning. Teachers also set norms that allow for civil discourse and the sharing of varying viewpoints and perspectives. This environment forms the foundation for all of the activities that TCI’s programs include.

Meaningful Content

Our programs are designed with one primary goal: to help students master essential skills and knowledge. They not only incorporate essential critical thinking skills but also embed CASEL SEL competencies into each lesson: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship building, and responsible decision making. As students read, write, listen, speak, and think, they’ll be engaging with the content in ways that help them remember for years to come.

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Personal Connections

Every lesson encourages students to make personal connections to the content. In a Preview Activity, students may listen to a story or think about a time when they experienced something themselves. Later in the lesson, they may put themselves in the role of a reporter of events to make their own observations. Every lesson ends with an activity to bring together what they’ve learned. In addition, TCI’s Citizenship Toolkit and Current Events Toolkit provide ways for teachers to bring in other relevant topics.

A Complete Curriculum with Everything You Need

Standards-Aligned Lesson Plans

Interactive presentations and videos

Interactive Videos and Presentations

Lexile Scores

Embedded SEL Frameworks

Skills and Toolkits

Skills and Toolkits

Culturally Inclusive Content

Culturally Inclusive Content

See SEL In Action

Seeing is believing. We can tell you all day long that our programs combine rigor with thoughtful teaching practices all while being easy to implement – but we’d rather show you.

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