Race for the White House Game and Lesson

With this being an election year, it’d be a shame to pass up an opportunity to highten students awareness of how presidential elections are waged.  We have created a new game for you to play with your secondary students that we think you’ll love.  Everything y0u need to play the game including a lesson is here.  Students compete in a race around a Monopoly-like board to collect 270 electoral votes and a place in history.  Along the way they raise truck-loads of money and even falter through scandal.  Following the game, students use two T-Charts to highlight ways the game is similar to AND dissimilar to real presidential elections.  Students must back up their answers with cited resources.  The teacher brings it all back together in a class discussion.

Print directly from here or download the game.  Also, have students keep track of their votes by paper and pen by printing out or use electronically.  Download THIS SCORESHEET (This is a Google Doc – Go to File and “Download as…”).

Let us know your thoughts….even if you decide to change up the rules or game materials!
Race for the White House Game and Lesson