Gabriel Redig, TCI’s Renaissance Man

He’s an artist, a physicist, a chemist, and a student of the natural world. He’s a man who sees beauty in the abstract realms of science, math and logic. Is this Leonardo DaVinci, you might ask? No! I’m talking about Gabriel Redig, 21st century Renaissance man extraordinaire and TCI software developer. Gabriel has been hard at work updating the design and features of the Student Subscription site for the June 30th release. As a Front End Developer at TCI, Gabriel helps to create learning tools used by students around the country. So next time your students are using the TCI Student Subscription to learn about Leonardo DaVinci, think of the other Renaissance man who made this student experience possible – Gabriel Redig.


To get to know Gabriel better, we turned to a time-tested tool for us here at TCI – the graphic organizer.