Diversity and Inclusion

Our Commitment

We strongly believe in providing inclusive and engaging learning opportunities to all students and empowering them to become engaged citizens who will change the world. We accomplish this by partnering with scholars and authors from varied backgrounds to create accurate and diverse content along with meaningful tools and resources to meet teachers’ and students’ unique learning needs.

For Our Employees

We strive to create a workplace where inclusive behavior is the norm and where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. We empower our employees with inclusive business practices—inclusive hiring, partnering with diverse content reviewers and scholars, and providing professional development opportunities to employees that challenge them to think differently and embrace diverse perspectives.

We also launched a Diversity and Inclusion team, where employees :

  • discuss diversity and inclusion in curriculum and pedagogy
  • evaluate and align existing products and services to expand diversity and inclusion
  • learn from accomplished diverse scholars and researchers
Inclusive Culture

For Our Customers

Customer feedback

We know that as educators, you have the difficult and important job of building a strong foundation for the future of tomorrow. That’s why we take customer feedback very seriously and collaborate with teachers from across the country to develop inclusive learning solutions and experiences that reach all learners.

Change is the only constant. We are constantly changing to ensure equality and accessibility through our work to our products and services. We have reviewed our resources to identify areas where content can be made more inclusive.

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