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Distance Learning

Schools across the US are finding ways to bring learning to students whatever the situation they are in. Our curriculum is designed from the ground-up to make learning engaging and memorable while fostering students’ love of learning and curiosity in any form of instruction. Explore the page to see how we do it.

Distance Learning with TCI

Earth science activity

Interactive Activities

TCI’s programs are jam-packed with hands-on activities. This gets students not only out of their seats learning and interacting with the content, they’re having fun while doing it. Inquiry projects, Read and Dos, Super Simple Science activities, bite-sized high-quality lesson videos, and hands-on investigations are just some ways students engage with and master key concepts.

Meaningful Technology

Technology guides the class through rich media, digital lessons, and lesson games while helping you assign student work, grade assignments and assessments, and track student progress.

Flexible and Adaptable

Whatever your teaching style is—blended, traditional, or online only—our programs support your unique classroom needs. We provide specific strategies and resources to help make classroom management simple and effective.

Engage Students Whenever and Wherever They Are

View Blended Learning Features

Our flexible standards-aligned curriculum allows teachers to seamlessly transition from physical classrooms to blended learning environments using the various resources and tools on our digital platform.

Keep learning going outside of the classroom with our blended and distance learning resources. Our ready-to-teach lessons are expertly designed for students to complete at home driving student engagement and learning outcomes.

Google Classroom Integration

Whether you use Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology, our digital platform integrates seamlessly with your learning management system, allowing you to stay connected with your students.

TCI Assignments

Monitor student progress at a glance and efficiently grade assignments with flexible grading features. Create tailor-made online assessments to evaluate students’ mastery and skills.

Explore Our Programs

Learn more about our digital features, teaching resources, and standards alignment inTCI’s science and social studies programs.

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Taking the Next Steps

We’re ready to support you every step of the way. TCI offers educators the resources they need to create a more engaging, immersive learning environment for every student. See a product preview to learn more

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