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Current Events Toolkit

Download the Current Events Toolkit

The Current Events Toolkit provides a structure for bringing current events into the curriculum. It includes strategies for navigating current events with your students. Resources include:

  • Strategies: Guide students through identifying perspectives, analyzing new stories, and discussing current events.
  • Graphic organizers: Main Idea /Detail, 5W’s, Evaluation Web
  • Class discussions: Sentence starters, speaking and listening checklists, and more
Current Events-News

Aligned with Florida State Standards, TCI’s ready-to-teach civics lessons prepare your students to become informed, civically engaged members of their communities. Resources in this collection include:

  • Sea Turtle Season: Responsible Citizenship (FL Civics Benchmarks: SS.2.CG.2.2)
  • The Constitutional Convention (FL Civics Benchmarks: SS.7.CG.1.7)
  • American Foreign Policy (FL Civics Benchmarks: SS.912.CG.4.2)
  • Symbols of the United States (FL Civics Benchmarks: SS.2.CG.2.4)

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPIHM)

Download AAPIHM Teaching Resources

Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with key historical events and people in U.S. history. Explore our collection of free lessons, primary source activities, and biographies.

  • Free Lessons: Asian Americans Raise Their Voices, Asian Immigrations During the Early 20th Century, and Asian Americans — In Their Own Words.
  • Primary Source Activities: United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind, 1923 and An Act to Execute Certain Treaty Stipulations Relating to Chinese, known as The Chinese Exclusion Act (1882).
  • Biographies: David Ho, Isabella Aiona Abbott, Larry Itilong, Steven Chu, and Yuri Kochiyama.
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
National Space Day

Galaxy. Asteroids. Cosmos. Solar System. National Space Day is here, and it’s time to geek out on all things space with our free lessons.

  • Take your students on a trip to the moon with our Walking on the Moon video lesson.
  • Just how big is the universe? In The Distance Between Celestial Bodies, students watch a video to get a sense of its scale.
  • In the Life and Death of a Star lesson, watch a video or read the text to explore the life cycle of stars— from nebula to supernova.

Reflect on past wars on Memorial Day to help students learn about the significance of this holiday. Free lessons and primary source activities, in this collection, include:

  • Creating a Memorial Day Badge: Students listen to a short audio clip about the holiday and make a badge
  • Understanding the Vietnam Veterans Memorial: Students analyze a directory of names to make personal connections with Vietnam Veterans and study photos of the memorial
  • Analyzing Art From World War I: Read about the final days of World War I and the immense loss it caused many nations.
  • Primary Source Activities: Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “Day Which Will Live in Infamy” Speech and Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial

From prickly plants to carnivorous ones, explore the fascinating world of plants with your class. Free lessons and career profiles, in this collection, include:

  • Ouch! A Prickly Plant: Learn about how the spines on a cactus help it survive in a dry area.
  • Plants That Trap Insects: Read about carnivorous plants, then develop a testable question and conduct an original investigation in this open inquiry activity.
  • Save the Park Day: Read about how to protect parks from litter in the community.
  • Career Profiles: Environmental Scientists, Foresters, Chief Sustainability Officers.
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