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Native American Heritage Month

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Celebrate Native American Heritage Month by learning about the contributions and history of the Native American people. Resources include:

  • Lessons:  The First People in Your State; Tecumseh, the Shooting Star; The American Indian Quest for Civil Rights; Native Americans in Your Community, Documenting Famous Floridians — Osceola
  • Biographies: Deb Haaland, Pocahontas, Sacagawea, Sitting Bull, Tisquantum
  • Additional resources: Indian Country Today, the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Autry Museum of the American West, and The Smithsonian National Museum of American Indians

Aligned with Florida State Standards, TCI’s ready-to-teach civics lessons prepare your students to become informed, civically-engaged members of their communities. Resources in this collection include:

  • Three Ways Community Leaders Can Help (FL Civics Benchmarks: SS.2.CG.1.1)
  • The Rise of Democracy (FL Civics Benchmarks: SS.6.CG.1.1, SS.6.CG.1.3)
  • A New Role for the West (FL Civics Benchmarks: SS.912.CG.4.2)

Midterm Election

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With the midterm elections around the corner, take the opportunity to get students involved in local matters. Cover voting, good citizenship, and the foundations of government with these free TCI lessons, including:

  • Decision Making in Government: Model the democratic process through voting on new rules for the class.
  • Evaluating Candidates for Public Office: Have students research candidates in your local election and use the matrix to identify candidates that match their values.
  • Volunteering in a Political Campaign: Find out how to be part of a campaign and support a local candidate or issue.
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