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Thanksgiving Science

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Dive into the science of a Thanksgiving meal with these video-based investigations. Students learn about “leftovers” in chemical reactions, food webs, and more. This collection includes:

  • Cooking Matters: Explore the science of cooking by creating a Thanksgiving menu! Observe how the properties of ingredients change as they are cooked.
  • Thanksgiving Leftovers:  Examine the other “leftovers,” or the byproducts of a chemical reaction in this video-based investigation.
  • Career Profile: Learn how food chemists take care of the hidden chemistry in the food industry.

Whether you live in a cold climate or not, have your students explore the wonders of winter with our free resources.

  • Featured Lessons: Bears in Winter, Penguin Parents, and Weather and Climate
  • Career Profiles: Chief Sustainability Officer, Climatologist, Environmental Engineer, Environmental Scientist, and Meteorologist
  • Virtual Backgrounds: Fun winter-themed virtual backgrounds

Achoo! It’s flu season, the perfect time to teach your students all about viruses and vaccines with:

  • Lessons: Attack of the Viruses, SWAT Those Germs!, A Universal Flu Vaccine?, Diagnosing JJ, and A History Mystery: The Plague Ghost Ship
  • Career Profile: Epidemiologists
  • Biographies: Louis Pasteur and Edward Jenner


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