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California Science Program

Take advantage of the best interactive science lessons available out there for all of your elementary school, or middle school science classes!

Using our online science curriculum, we’ll help you simplify and streamline your lesson planning process. You’ll spend less time planning each lesson because you will feel confident knowing that each lesson has been specially created to help students better understand the topics you’re teaching.

Learn science online with our carefully curated online science curriculum. You will be able to create highly engaging online science lessons and hands-on investigations that help students better comprehend each lesson.

Helping You Put the Fun Back into Learning

Bring the fun back to learning with Lesson Games that come in a variety of different formats that help to motivate students and keep them engaged with each lesson.

With Interactive Tutorials, students get to experience the lesson hands-on, which helps them to better retain the content of the lesson and start to associate fun with the subjects you are instructing.

3-Dimensional Assessments Made Easy. Standards Covered. Every Time.

Make your 3-Dimensional assessments your own, based on your preferences and teaching needs, by customizing TCI’s 3-Dimensional assessments.

Share your favorite 3-Dimensional assessments with the TCI teacher community and get feedback on how to make improvements.

Viewing standards is quick and easy, only one click away.

Investigations That Come to Life

Implement online science curriculum through engaging presentations that are fast and smooth, helping students to better interact with you and the content of the lesson.

Each lesson is jam packed with investigations to help them stay involved in the lesson, by getting them out of their seats, moving around, and interacting with the content.

Not Your Average Textbook

TCI provides students with a highly interactive learning environment through the use of audio tools, rich images, in-line vocabulary, Spanish, and more embedded into the text.

Available in both print and online, the Interactive Student Notebook keeps students challenged and engaged through writing and drawing activities.

Materials You Need, Delivered Right to Your Classroom

Your time is valuable – we’ve done the work for you!

Our Science Material Kits are prepared and organized in advance so that you can seamlessly integrate them into their associated science lesson.

You won’t have to worry about looking for all the “right” materials for your science activities. Just plan your lesson, order the Material Kit, and you’re good to go.

Plus Many More Features!

Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Instruction

Lesson Games

Lesson Games

Reading Support

Reading Support

Remote Troubleshoot

Remote Troubleshooting

Literacy In Science

Our curriculum interweaves literacy and science to strengthen communication and scientific understanding.

  • Reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language skills are introduced in every science unit.
  • The rich content promotes a close reading of the text.
  • Blended informational and literary text selections are included.
  • Students use all three types of writing to draw evidence and support claims.
  • Structured “Science Talks” promote collaboration and communication.

Learn More About Our Embedded Literacy Frameworks

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TCI’s digital teaching resources through science e-learning will help you to create an educational environment that is interactive and engaging for students. You’ll deliver all of the great content that aligns with the NGSS and meets the Common Core State Standards, while still being able to put your personal spin on each lesson to bring out your personality.


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