Your Secret Code to Class

Do you know what this is?

Do you recognize the image to the right?  It’s a QR code and they are becoming quite popular.  QR codes are generated to link with all sorts of things: images, online documents, sales information, web pages…you name it.  The way it works is that a person creates a code to one of the aforementioned on a site like (free to do) and then embed on documents, place as stickers or stamps on items, or even place on websites.  Then, a person with a smart phone (equipped with camera) like an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry use their phone and an app (lots of free ones out there.  If you use iPhone try Bakodo).  When the user scans the QR code, it will show them on their smartphone the information linked with that.  For ideas on how you QR codes could be used in schools, download one of the QR code apps for your smart phone and scan the image here.  I’ve created a Wallwisher with some tips on classroom use.  Please share your own ideas as well if you are a QR code pro!

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