Not a typo…I didn’t mean to say “why me.” I meant what I said.  Why MI?  Multiple Intelligence; test that is.  Dr. Gardner’s theory surrounding multiple intelligences has been around since the early 80’s.  For years, TCI has developed programs that engage multiple intelligences in the same lesson.  The cornerstone of our pedagogy is founded on this premise: that it’s not how smart your students are, but how they are smart.

Click on the image to take you directly to the self-scored MI Test.

Of course the challenge is how to know what your students MI strengths are.  TCI has a paper and pen assessment that you can give (LINK).  I’ve also written this same MI test as a Google spreadsheet that will score automatically if you’d like to have your students do this paper-free.  To do this, follow the link here: LINK.  Once there, under the Google Doc menu of “File,” select the option of “Download as.”  Once you have done that save the template as an Excel spreadsheet.  Adapt as you see fit.  Then you can distribute to your students and have them take it, it will score automatically, and then they can “save as” and send to you.  The MI test is a great thing to give your students at the beginning of the school year.  We’ve even written a lesson (LINK) that incorporates the MI test into your first week of school.

What can you use MI strengths to determine?

–        How you group students (i.e. putting a Linguistic along with Kinesthetic learner together)

–        What kinds of activities you do with your students in a lesson.

–        To give a student who is strong in one particular area a chance to shine

What other ways can knowing your students intelligence strengths benefit them/you?

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