Web Writing Can Be Fun!

Here are three great websites to use when having your students conduct writing assignments in the content area.

 This website is so simple it’s insane.  Let’s say you are going to have your students create a fictional article that might appear in a newspaper.  Students would use the writing process to draft and edit the document.  Programs like Microsoft Word and Google Docs are great for that.  When they’ve finalized the edits, instead of turning it in via a boring looking doc, use fodey.  You can see the results of what this very blog post looked like when pasted into the tool on their site.


As students write, it’s a valuable function to have them give/get feedback on their/peers writing.  Figment allows students to post authored pieces and open it up to a broader community to consume,  and provide feedback similar to Facebook “likes”. Figment acts as a social network, empowering participants to view, comment, post, and follow others.  I find it’s particularly good for poetry.


This website was really made for folks into scrapbooking and the like, but their tool is actually quite good for allowing people to create picture books.  The site has lots of tools and design capabilities.  See this example of a picture book that compares Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance art, then think about the possibilities in your class with students using a writing tool like this.

Mixbook - Create Beautiful Photo Books and Scrapbooks! | View Sample Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

If you’d like to see these three sites being used in a quick 5 minute tutorial, click the video below for an Alive in Five feature.  Want to share your own great writing websites?  Please submit them at http://teachergenius.teachtci.com

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