Web 2.0 at Exam Time

The end of the semester is upon us and many of your students are feverishly studying night after night for your exam.  They’ve been preparing for weeks now.  Really.  Over winter break, kids were taking time out of playing with new gadgets or forgoing time with friends all so they could prepare, well in advance, for your test. ~ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  We wish.  The more likely scenerio is that the typical student, we’ll call him Brian (no relation of course), will wake up in a cold sweat on the bus ride to school realizing they have a huge test in Thomas’ class (again, no relation).

As a teacher, I don’t know what bothered me more: the outright laziness of some students prior to an exam, the time spent reviewing for an exam in class, or trying to give an exam coming off a break and potentially bad weather combined that gives very little time to prepare.  Regardless, like death and taxes, exam time is a reality.  We have to prepare the exam.  Students have to take the exam.  There are, thankfully, some web tools out there that can help students prepare for exams.  Let me give you a couple that your students can put to good use.

Sites like Braineos is a web tool for studying. Are there others you use?

The first site, http://www.braineos.com/home allows students to create flash cards, and then games, to help them remember key facts.

The second site, http://www.quietwrite.com/about allows students to begin preparing extended writing pieces by just typing….start putting thoughts down on paper and have a clean screen without distraction.

What sites and tools do you/your students use as they are preparing for exams?  Share your favorites at http://teachergenius.teachtci.com/.

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