Virtual Tours that Require Exploration, Reflection, and Action

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I came across a web site recently that I had bookmarked because I found interesting but hadn’t taken the time to sit down and examine closely.  When I did, I was really excited about the possibilities of some interesting classroom uses.  The site is  and it allows the creation of a free virtual tour that shares content, asks reflective questions, and then requires action.  Users taking the tour may click on links to websites, watch YouTube or other video clips, and be posed with multiple choice and or short response items.  The creator can allow users to earn badges as they complete steps on the web walk.

Here’s a quick list of five things you could use this site for:

1)  For students who are on extended absence for medical reasons.

2) For independent study on a social studies topic

3) For group collaboration – Have the students create their own web walk based on what they study in small groups.

4) For virtual tours of long historical periods

5) Create a web walk of videos and images of different geographic features.

Do you know of other sites like this?  Please take the time to share and explore on TeacherGenius.

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