Using Web Tools for Essential Questions

Essential questions are not new.  They’ve been around as long as a good lesson has been around.  What’s new though is the ways in which you can invite your students to explore essential questions.  In this Alive in Five segment, we explore four ways you could have students use free web tools to answer, post, embed, and explore content related to the essential question.  We use Government Alive! Lesson 18 on International Organizations as our prop.

The four sites we use and a quick overview of their use:

  1. is used to show how a student would create a web poster embedding video, music, and text related to the EQ
  2. is used to show how an EQ could be posted for an entire class to post info such as text, images, and video.  Think of this as an online study-guide.
  3. gives students a chance to answer the EQ using their webcam, voice, or just typing.  Encourage students to annotate an image along with the EQ and listen to others responses.
  4. is a tremendous resource for lots of reasons.  Here a teacher creates a searchable hashtag sign for their class where the EQ is posted and others can respond to with links, images, and resources found helpful to answering the EQ.

Have any other ideas on how students can creatively explore your essential questions?  Please share!

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