Unconventional Professional Development: My First EdCamp Part 1

Usually, when I have attended a conference, I am a presenter.  It’s a rare delight to get the opportunity to be a participant rather than facilitator.  This coming Saturday (10/20) I will be going to my first EdCamp.  Many educators out there may be unfamiliar with these unconventional conventions. Watch this VIDEO on what the EdCamp idea is all about.


For those interested in this particular EdCamp, you can sign up HERE.  There are other EdCamp’s taking place on the same day in Chicago – IL, Harrisburg – PA, Inverness – FL, and Grand Island – NE.  From the main site (first link on this post) you can find other EdCamps coming to a location closest to you.


Many of you have already attended an EdCamp and I’m curious as to your insights.

What were your takeaways?  Was it worthwhile professional development?

How did the organic nature of the presentations change throughout your experience?

Were you able to successfully implement ideas when you returned to school?


Next week, I will have a follow-up post on my experience and takeaways from EdCamp Cincinnati.  Until then, if you have gone,  please share your answers to the questions I’ve listed.


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