Top Ten 21st Century Homework Excuses

As we gear up for yet another school year; we know the students are all the more tech savvy, right?  They’ve also become savvy on their homework excuses too.  Here’s a top ten list of the top ten new homework excuses taken from scientific research (re: my crazy head).
10. “Sorry, my house just doesn’t have 3G coverage…you’ve seen the Verizon commercial right?”
9. “Ohhh, when you said check out the moodle, I thought you said try out a new noodle and we had corkscrew pasta last night!”
8. “I know, my avatar is just so lazy…can I get a new one?”
7. “My e-Pal Gunther was supposed to help, but Voicethread just doesn’t translate English to German.”
6. “I couldn’t download the criteria; my hard-drive only takes a terabyte.”
5. “Mom said I couldn’t do that assignment because she thought it would cost 99cents from the App store and you know with this recession and all…”
4. “Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Windows all crashed last night…I think it was a cyber attack.”

3. “ Hmm, that’s strange. My file must have become corrupted by all the spyware on these netbooks. I guess we can chalk that one up as a learned lesson for 1:1 computing, huh?”

2. “Sorry, I’ve become a conscientious objector to digital learning…and you know that would infringe on my first amendment rights.”

….and the number ONE 21st Century Homework Excuse is:

#1 21st Century Homework Excuses

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