Top Teaching Trends to Be Aware of in 2019

At the start of each school year and each calendar year, predictions are made about the upcoming trends in education. These are based on previous years’ trends, as well as perceived deficits in education and the teaching profession. If you’re already involved in education in any capacity, you’re probably well aware of some of the shifts that are happening within the school systems. It is important to be aware of the up and coming trends so you can best prepare yourself to accept and utilize these to the best of your ability. Here are the top teaching trends for 2019 that all educators should be on the lookout for.

Growth Mindset

Research has show that kids today don’t have the perseverance and self-belief that older generations had, which is becoming a significant problem in school. Kids feel defeated incredibly quickly when they’re trying something new or doing something hard, and those who are aware of the problem are doing their best to fix it. This is where growth mindset comes in. This teaching trend can be utilized in the classroom and at home, and it’s all about framing situations in a particular way and using specific language to encourage a child so that he or she can succeed. Growth mindset begins with teaching children that they can learn and improve. This lesson then translates into students understanding that learning is their goal and that effort and patience will help them succeed. Kids will become more willing to try more things and work harder at certain tasks when they have a growth mindset because they know that not everything will be easy right away, but rather there is value in the struggle and the growth that will happen. Teachers are implementing this in their classrooms and many parents are teaching their children how to have a growth mindset as well.

Alternative Learning Environments

More and more alternative learning environments are gaining popularity and will continue to thrive in 2019. Online schooling, homeschool, co-op schooling, and more are attracting students and families more than they ever have in the past. Many families are finding that unique learning opportunities may better suit their family’s schedules, their child’s learning patterns, or their particular situation, and we expect that to be a more common occurrence in the future. Even if students are staying in traditional school environments, teachers and administrations are seeking to expand their teaching methods and bring about innovative ways to introduce concepts and teach their students. TCI is one company that is helping to revolutionize classroom lessons, assessments, and experiences.

Technological Integration

Students are incredibly adept at using technology already, and teachers understand that technology is an effective way of engaging students in the classroom. More technological integration will make its way into schools in 2019 and beyond, including digital textbooks, online and other digital resources, interactive tutorials, lesson games, and more interactive technology that is saturated with curriculum lessons, concepts, and material. Expect more apps, new technology, and more innovative ways to integrate this technology into the classroom as we move forward in 2019.


Inclusion is an increasingly important topic in schools, and it’s something that parents and teachers need to discuss with their students. Inclusion involves having students with disabilities in regular education classrooms rather than special education classrooms. Inclusion allows those students to experience regular education in the least restrictive environment. They will learn how to communicate with their peers, work with others, and be a part of a large group. Regular education teachers and special education teachers work together in inclusion classrooms, and they offer a great deal of benefits for all children involved, including understanding, tolerance, and friendship. Students learn that differences are good and not negative, and inclusion classrooms help reduce stigma about students with disabilities or special needs. Diversity, in any form, is always beneficial in educational environments, and as 2019 continues, inclusion will be at the forefront of the conversation in many schools across the country.  

Career & Technical Education Opportunities

Although college degrees are still extremely important, many individuals who don’t have them are finding that they can have a happy and successful career in fields that don’t require a bachelor’s degree. For students who wish to attain a technical education and get career training while still in school, more opportunities are being made available. Trade jobs require specialized skills and are an invaluable component to our society and economy, thus leading schools and the educational system to further embrace it. In 2019 and beyond, expect more opportunities for students to get career training and a technical education to enter the job market immediately after high school.

More Focus on STEM

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) has been gaining a ton of ground in the past few years, especially in the classroom and in schools. This is absolutely going to continue into 2019 and well into the future. STEM jobs are vital to our world, but they tend to be underrepresented in early education, minimizing students’ interest in these fields as they get older. STEM has quickly become integrated into elementary, middle, and high schools across the country as a way to get students excited about these fields and to encourage interest in them beyond the confines of the classroom. Expect more science projects, STEM nights, and engineering experiments in the classroom this year.

Whole-Child Approaches

School used to be a place where students went to solely learn. However, with all that the world is becoming nowadays, and with as much as young children have to deal with on a daily basis, school is oftentimes a respite or a safe place from hard, unfortunate, or dangerous home lives. Because of this, and because of the importance of teaching children how to be well-adjusted, responsible members of society when they become adults, education is becoming more whole-child focused. It’s not enough to just teach kids academic subjects anymore. You must teach them perseverance, good character, personal responsibility, empathy, and more. Schools are getting creative in the ways that they approach whole-child education, and it is a trend that is likely to just increase as we move forward into the future.

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