Three Lessons to Prepare Students for Election Day

With Election Day just a week away there are teachable moments all around us in the media. To help students get beyond the sound bites, TCI is making three lessons available from our Government Alive! Doing Democracy Toolkit. I recommend sharing all three assignments with students and letting them pick one that they are most interested in to complete by Election Day. The focus of each lesson is described below. Enjoy and happy voting!

1. Registering and Preparing to Vote: This lesson includes a matrix that asks students to analyze several voter information resources and rank their usefulness.

2. Evaluating Candidates for Public Office: Students are asked to decide which candidate characteristics are most important to them. Then they use their selected characteristics to complete an evaluationof the two candidates in a current race.

3. Volunteering in a Political Campaign: If any of your students have volunteered in a  political campaign, this lesson provides them with an assignment to reflect on what they learned from the experience.

TCI Doing Democracy Toolkit: Participating in Elections

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