The Key to the Future: TCI Tech

Technology in the classroom is not new! Going from chalk boards to marker boards was a big improvement. Reel to Reel videos were replaced by TVs in the classroom! Bert asked the lunch crowd to think about the technology that they’ve used in the classroom – we’ve come along way baby! As I thought about the answer, I realized that the missing ingredient in using the old-time-tech was student engagement and discovery. Students were still having a ‘sit and get’ experience! Unlocking the key to the future, is having technology that involves students in their own discovery of the content.

Enter TCI Tech!Bert demonstrated how TeachTCI and LearnTCI is interactive and student centered. The particpants were engaged and could see the power behind the new technology. Customers were nodding and chatting with one another! One HS teacher from Nebraska shared that his students would love this kind of technology! Much to the surprise of the 70 luncheon guests – they each received a gold key that unlocked the future for them! It was a lot of fun to see the joy and surprise on their face when they each got a one year subscritpion to TeachTCI!

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