The Best Parts of TCI’s Social Studies Curriculum

TCI’s Social Studies curriculum is tailored to meet students where they are in their understanding of history, geography, government, and economics. As teachers, you know the material you’re teaching inside and out, backwards, and upside-down. Sometimes it can be a challenge to make the information you know relatable and engaging to students, particularly if they have little to no knowledge on the topic and even less interest in expanding their social studies understanding. Thankfully, we have created a solution.

Our Social Studies curriculum is engaging, interesting, and interactive. It comes ready to use with complete lesson plans, accessible resources, easy-to-use presentations, and customizable assessments. From standards correlations to lesson videos, and from literacy integration and technology implementation, we’ve covered every base.

We’ve been creating and improving curriculum for years, and we love hearing from school districts, administrations, and teachers who use our curriculum. We love to further improve our products and make changes that will make your lives easier. Because of that, we like to regularly interview those who utilize TCI’s curriculum in the classroom. Most recently, we asked some TCI users about their favorite TCI social studies lessons and their favorite teacher subscription tools. Here’s what they had to say:

The Best TCI Lessons

Graham Oleson is an 11th and 12th grade history teacher who implements TCI’s History Alive! programs in his classroom. His favorite lesson is the feudalism simulation where students participate in a representation of a historical feudal system. The simulation has students pretend to be the nobility by sitting on top of their desks, while other students pretend to be knights by sitting in their desks, and still more students pretend to be the serfs by sitting on the floor. Mr. Oleson said he remembers receiving exciting responses from his students after this lesson, as they seemed to understand the concept quickly and completely. The debriefing session after the simulation helped students grasp complex ideas about serfdom and feudalism that they may have otherwise struggled to understand. The simulation also helped the students meet the objectives and standards of the lesson, and it got them excited and willing to do the related reading for homework that night.

Deborah Williams in an 8th grade history teacher who says her students loved the town meeting lesson about the Continental Congress. She and her students taped the shape of the United States on the classroom floor and the students acted out the process of acquiring the different parts of the United States during the Manifest Destiny.

Erin Elizabeth Clark is a 6th and 7th grade history teacher who cites her favorite lesson as one in the Chinese history curriculum for 6th graders. She said the students looked at pictures of various Chinese artifacts and what they were used for in ancient China. She said the pictures and the discussion help the students make connections between the artifacts and things we use today. The lesson brings a fresh take on what students formerly saw as old, dusty objects, as well as shows students the relevance of those items and how they still impact our lives today.

The Best Teacher Subscription Tools

One of the best features of the teacher subscription tools is, by far, the presentations. They are ready to use and are complete with timelines so that teachers know how long each presentation will take to teach. Deborah Williams, an 8th grade history teacher, says, “The primary sources that are included [in the presentations] in every lesson are really powerful and really effective.”

Another excellent feature of the teacher’s subscription is the teacher presentation tools. This is an overview of the different lessons, presentations, assessments, and more all in one place for teachers to stay organized and on top of their lessons. This feature streamlines planning and preparation to keep teachers and students on track during each lesson. Rather than using various teacher guides and student guides and a slew of other planning checklists, this feature improves the entire teaching process. Graham Oleson, 11th and 12th grade history teacher, says, “The teacher presentation tools guide me and the kids through the lessons, so it takes a lot less prep time for me.”

Yet another one of TCI’s best teacher subscription tools is the online sources for test questions. We are passionate about making your life as a teacher easier, and this is just another way we do that. We’ve created complete assessments that are ready to use at any given moment, but we also have an online tool that houses a number of relevant test questions based on particular lessons and units. Our customizable assessments make your preparation for tests as easy at it comes, especially since all assessments are based on state, grade, and subject standards. Erin Elizabeth Clark, a 6th and 7th grade history teacher, says of the online test sources, “You can borrow questions, add your own, revise them, and there’s a lot of flexibility.”


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