Teachers Who Make a Difference-Are You One?

Nancy Bredin is our Director of Outreach and a former elementary classroom teacher.

Do you have “it”?  I recently found out that apparently I have “it.”  A former student told me that I was her favorite teacher and more importantly shared that social studies became her favorite subject because of my class!  She recounted in detail some of her favorite lessons from 5th grade. WOW – she was in my class 15 years ago! Pretty impressive memory – she confirmed what I truly believe – it is the responsibility of the teacher to make a difference in the classroom by engaging students with interactive and hands-on lessons in order to create memorable moments in the social studies classroom. She made my day!

This made me think about my own experiences as a student in the social studies classroom. I remember my fourth grade teacher at Oak Park Elementary School in Traverse City, Michigan. Mrs. Graham turned her classroom into a Navajo trading post. I vividly remember falling in love with social studies in fourth grade – because I was involved in my own learning and discovery! Mrs. Graham certainly made a difference in the classroom. I never got to tell her that I became a social studies teacher because of her! 

Are you making a difference in the classroom? What former teacher made a difference in your life? Success stories abound – please share yours!

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