TeacherGenius Training: Visual Discovery

Visual Discovery Basic Training

I’m extremely excited to announce that TCI has begun to create online trainings for our six core teaching strategies to bring social studies alive!

One of my favorite strategies is Visual Discovery. Students view, touch, interpret, and bring to life compelling images, turning what is usually a passive, teacher-centered activity–lecturing–into a dynamic, participative experience.

This 10-minute Visual Discovery training is led by Deanna Morrow, a long-time TCI trainer and teacher extraordinaire. She has worked with thousands of teachers across the U.S., showing them how to use TCI’s engaging multiple intelligence teaching strategies in their classrooms.

Here is the Visual Discovery training: http://teachergenius.teachtci.com/visual-discovery-basic-training/. You’ll also find a link to get even more details about the steps for implementing this powerful strategy in your classroom.

(And don’t forget: If you’re around Tuesday 9/21 from 3:30-4:30 Pacific, you can register to attend a free LIVE webinar on Visual Discovery.)

Be on the lookout for future strategy trainings on TeacherGenius in the Professional Development section!

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