Teacher Highlight: Melody Greene

For June’s Teacher Highlight, we would like to introduce Melody Greene! A veteran teacher for thirteen years, she is also currently a TCI Implementation Specialist, helping schools bring learning to life!

Melody Green is a fourth grade teacher at Greystone Elementary School in Hoover, Alabama

What initially drew you to TCI? What about the program jumped out at you?


During my first year as a U.S. history teacher, I was spending massive amounts of time creating hands-on lessons for my sixth graders until another teacher told me the school had materials she thought matched how I wanted to teach. Music played, and the lights did shine when I first saw those old TCI

History Alive!

binders. The interactive lessons, powerful images, and skill-building activities were fantastic resources and provided great guidance for a first-year teacher on how to encourage students and provide an amazing learning experience. The following summer, I had the opportunity to attend a TCI training, and it was the best Professional Development I have ever attended.

How does TCI help enrich your experience as a teacher? (Does it help you prepare for a lesson? What features do you find the most useful/use most often?)  

I first used TCI when teaching sixth grade U.S. history. I later began using

Social Studies Alive! Regions of Our Country

for my fourth grade class, which helps me teach my students a tour of the United States. The TCI lesson cycle sets students up for success by accessing their prior knowledge, building on it in an activity, and then distilling the new information through an authentic processing assignment. They  learn so much without even realizing it.

What do your students like best about the program?  

Students like the interaction of the program best of all. I have students from years ago who ask if I still draft for World War I or have students act out people groups from the Great Depression. My fourth graders love experiencing history by imagining that they are cowboys, factory workers on the assembly line, or tasting chocolate in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Do you have a favorite lesson or activity thus far? Why?  

Picking a favorite lesson is hard to do! When I taught U.S. history, my favorite lesson was on World War I trench warfare, which includes a trench life simulation for students. I loved including extras like fake mice, hardtack, and recorded sounds to add to the students’ experience.The letters the students write afterwards to reflect on the experience are always so amazing.


Social Studies Alive! Regions of Our Country

, my favorite lesson is the Bus and Boat Tour of the Southeast. Despite living in this region, there are so many characteristics for my students to discover. They love learning about Jamestown and doing  the Jamestown activity. Visiting New Orleans is also a favorite. It not only sets up many great class activities, but also opens the door for parents to come in and share their own experiences living in these places. This year, we celebrated Mardi Gras with a King Cake, homemade jambalaya, and red beans and rice. These memorable moments have been made possible by TCI.

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