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One of the six strategies for teaching content with TCI materials is called the Social Studies Skill Builder.  These types of lessons are great to get students rapidly moving and engaged into content while at the same time they concentrate on skill development.  Visit our TeacherGenius section to download a great student-management resource for skill-builders posted by teacher and administrator Dawn Bishop.  You can even see an extended video segmant on the skill-builder strategy modeled by veteran TCI Expert, Sangita Patel here on our YouTube channel.  You can also click here to get a sample section from our methods book detailing how you can get the most out of the Social Studies Skill Builder.

All of TCI’s programs K-12 have lessons which use Social Studies Skill Builders.  I invite you to try an engaging TCI lesson like this in your class.  Visit http://info.teachtci.com/trial/ to qualify for your 30-day trial.

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