TCI’s Alive in Five: Scribblemaps

Scribblemaps was made for people like me!  I love geography and I love technology.  This site is the marriage of the two.  Scribblemaps allows teachers/students to create overlays onto a Google map and use a variety of tools like drawing, text, and shapes.  Students can annotate markers with images or even videos.  We’ve created a mock up as an example for how a group of students in Geography Alive! Regions and People, Lesson 6 on the National Parks would use this site to show flora, fauna, and their knowledge of the topography as if they were an adventure tour company.

The possibilities are endless with web 2.0 tools like but the trick is to know how to use them in a meaningful way with your students.  Please visit our YouTube Channel for more how-to videos like these.  Share your own on our TeacherGenius.

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