TCI Teaching Strategy: Visual Discovery

One of TCI’s most loved teaching strategies is the Visual Discovery strategy. Teachers can adapt this strategy with TCI images or with any images they found. It is an easy strategy to begin using the TCI Approach and allows students to discover content themselves under a teacher’s watchful eyes. As students view, touch, and interpret compelling images, teachers can step in and complete the story or even impart content knowledge.

To guide a successful Visual Discovery activity in your classroom, keep these steps in mind:

  1. Arrange your classroom so projected images will be large and clear. 
  2. Use a few powerful images and focus on them for as long as 20 minutes.
  3. Ask carefully sequenced questions that lead to discovery. 
  4. Challenge students to read about the image and apply what they learn. 
  5. Have students interact with the image to demonstrate what they have learned. 

See this short video tutorial on Visual Discovery.  If you have a TCI subscription for your class, thumb through the table of contents to see which upcoming lessons use this strategy.  If you are new to TCI or our programs, learn more about our award-winning K-12 curriculum here.

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