TCI Teaching Strategies: The Experiential Exercise

Imagine taking a class of middle school students outside to play “capture the flag.”  The mere mention of going outside for class will send middle schoolers’ excitement meter through the roof as they escape the confines of school. Better yet, the whole game has a purpose and puts you in the position of altering the rules of the game to a particular outcome that ties into the American Revolution.  Students will never forget the activity and content as both are tightly woven together.

TCI’s Experiential Exercise is designed to tap into students’ intrapersonal and body-kinesthetic intelligence. They help students learn abstract ideas and make remote events accessible and meaningful. To guide a successful Experiential Exercise activity in your classroom, keep these steps in mind:

  1. Use short, memorable experiences to help students grasp social studies concepts.
  2. Prepare your students for a safe, successful experience.
  3. Make the experiences as authentic as possible.
  4. Allow students to express their feelings immediately after the experience.
  5. Ask carefully sequenced questions to help students make connections between their experience and key concepts or events.

See this short video tutorial on the Experiential Exercise.  If you have a TCI subscription for your class, thumb through the table of contents to see which upcoming lessons use this strategy.  If you are new to TCI or our programs, learn more about our award-winning K-12 curriculum here.

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