TCI Employee Profile: Ray Oto

This month for our TCI Employee Profile, we sat down with our Product Support and Community Specialist: Ray Oto. How did he hear about TCI and what are the key responsibilities of his role here? Read more to find out!

What is your role here at TCI?

My official title is Product Support and Community Specialist, but my responsibilities can be divided into four different aspects. I provide customer support to answer questions or resolve  issues regarding our products. I collaborate with the middleware engineer to test features in our ERP software, I coordinate TCI events and professional conferences in conjunction with our Sales team, and I process sales orders submitted by our customers, to ensure timely fulfillment of orders.

What is a regular day like for you at TCI?

Honestly, it varies depending on the time of year. Summer is approaching, so right now the sales orders are my priority; we are already seeing an uptick in volume. Otherwise, my day-to-day tasks include customer support, collaborating with the fulfillment team, and working in the ERP software.

How did you find TCI?

I learned about it from a high school friend of mine who also works at TCI; I was close to graduating at the time and was interested in hearing what he had to say about the company. Once I interviewed, I definitely wanted to be a part of the team. I have now been at TCI for two years.

How has your role evolved since you started?

I was initially a Product Support Intern, so my primary responsibilities were answering phones and tickets. All other elements of my role grew out of my interest in learning about different aspects of TCI and helping out with other tasks. For example, Salesforce was new to TCI when I started; I jumped in to help set it up and add new features.

What do you like best about working at TCI?

The goal, knowing that everything we do here will in the end contribute to creating a better and stronger learning experience for students. We are always seeking to improve ourselves; if a new tool or idea comes out, we are always willing to test it out. It’s also just a great place to work, with great people.

Why do you think others would want to work for TCI?

I think there is a lot of appeal in the variety of different things we do and the fact that TCI as a company is always pushing to improve our processes. And, again, it has a great atmosphere.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m an active person who plays football, swims, and bikes. I also enjoy reading adventure books and playing strategy and puzzle games.

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