TCI Employee Profile: Jen Valenzuela

Once a month, we have been featuring a profile for different TCI employees from different departments, getting a glimpse into their work and place here at TCI. This month, we are happy to feature our vivacious Production Intern, Jen Valenzuela!
What is your role here at TCI?I am a Production Intern here at TCI, and my work focuses on the front-end styling for TCI’s lesson presentations–how they appear to teachers and students–for both science and social studies. I input and edit content and assets requested by the content developers. The production team helps ensure that the content is presented in a clear and visually engaging way, which might take a couple of back and forth exchanges with the developers before the final product is complete.

What is your job like day-to-day?

My day-to-day work varies, as projects develop on an as-needed basis. Currently, I am assisting with a template project for future presentation conversions.

How did you find TCI?

I found TCI through a posting on SpartaJobs, my university’s job portal, while I was finishing my Creative Advertising major. The job, which aligns with my graphic and web design background, also appealed to my interest in science and science communications, especially in learning how information is conveyed to students. After graduating in May 2015, I began work in August.

Has your role evolved since you first started?

Since there’s no shortage of projects and always something new to learn, my role evolves with each responsibility that I take on.

What is your favorite aspect of working at TCI?

The community, and how open the workplace environment is. I’m pleasantly surprised by the agile workflow and communication. People are encouraged to be open and to collaborate with others for additional support and ideas, both within and across teams. By just hearing the conversations around my workstation, I have learned a lot about how the company operates as a whole.

Why would anyone else work for TCI?

We truly care about the programs we create and the customers who use them. It feels really rewarding to be providing students quality material and helping them to learn in the best way possible. Also, the environment and agile workflow is amazing; being able to learn about what the other teams are working on, and working across teams to find a solution – it’s pretty exciting!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy skateboarding, especially concrete parks and backyard pools. I love the ocean; scuba diving, beachcombing, visiting the aquarium — anything that gets me by or in it. I also draw and paint. While I enjoy designing on the computer, there  is something visceral about being able to create something on a non-digital canvas.

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