How TCI Covers the Next Generation Science Standards

How TCI Covers the Next Generation Science Standards

TCI’s Bring Science Alive! is designed to align with the Next Generation Science Standards.

   Focuses on NGSS Unit Cohesion.

  • Each unit offers a cohesive, phenomenon-based storyline. The storylines engage students with a specific set of NGSS performance expectations.
  • Each unit focuses student learning on a real-life phenomenon which is tied together with the lesson-based phenomenon
  • Each lesson’s investigations integrate appropriate NGSS concepts. These concepts include science and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas.

   Creates an Interdisciplinary Science Emphasis.

  • Bring Science Alive! helps students make connections between the life, earth, and physical sciences.
  •  Bring Science Alive! provides a seamless integration of mathematical and scientific learning.

  Incorporating Hands On Investigations

  • Each investigation begins with students observing an engaging phenomenon. Students have opportunities throughout each investigation to express ideas.
  • Each lesson builds on the previous lesson. Lessons also contain ideas to differentiate instruction for students.

 Uses a Comprehensive Assessment System.

  • Every unit begins and ends with a self-assessment.
  • Each unit ends with a hands-on 3D performance assessment.
  • Each lesson has a summative assessment which contains 3-dimensional questions.

   Interactive Online Tools

  • Online Simulations allow students to experience and understand the phenomena”  
  • Bring Science Alive! offers Internet Tutorials for each lesson. Students can use the tutorials to test and retest themselves.
  • Lesson Games come in a variety of formats to help motivate students and keep them engaged with each lesson.


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