TCI at the Mile High Conference

The TCI gameplan for NCSS 2010 unfolds here!

As thousands of social studies teachers congregate in Denver for the 90th annual National Council for the Social Studies conference, TCI plans to make it’s biggest splash yet with our sessions showing off our latest creations and technology.  The excitement starts on Thursday and concludes Sunday morning.  Here’s a run-down of what you can expect at the conference or just enjoying our doings from our Facebook or Twitter feed.

Thursday is the first day of the conference and many teachers have signed up for CEO Bert Bower’s session on TCI Tech.  Bert will work with teachers to showcase our latest development of tech tools and how they will allow teachers to take our great lessons and really maximize the use of technology with students.  At the same time, Nathan Wellborne, National Account Manager, Developer, and former TCI Expert will conduct a session focusing on Econ Alive and Government Alive programs.  I am the lucky guy to dart back and forth between sessions, taking pictures, tweeting, and posting status updates on the TCI Facebook page.

Friday is the first full day of the conference.  While participants attend various sessions, the TCI crew will be sharing our wares in our booth (#517).  As in years past, participants will be able to see our programs.  New though is what we’re going to do in the booth.  We are going to be giving away a virtual “TCI Goodie Bag” to participants who visit our booth.  I can’t go into details as to what the goodie bag is yet….as I don’t want to spoil the surprise for those who visit.  Teachers will also have a chance to sit down and explore TCI Tech and sign up for our social media feeds. 

We will also have a large area opened up to conduct some great TCI hands-on activities.  Each half-hour, I will conduct some activities from our TCI programs for participants in the booth…and if I see any stragglers in the aisle, I might just grab them too!  If you’ve experienced any of the following: Dot Game, Yee-Haw, Population Density, Two on a Task, Revolutionary Tug-O-War, then you know it’s going to be exciting, fun, hands-on social studies taking place.  We will also have a large screen to demo some fantastic web 2.0 tools and how you can really liven their use up when mixed with the TCI Approach.  At 10:15-11:15 on Friday, Bert will be in room 108 of the Denver Convention Center conducting our session on how to create a dynamic high school classroom. 

On Saturday, Bert will  host and present at our luncheon in Room 301.  This will be a great opportunity for participants to get a deeper look at how TCI is leveraging the power of web 2.0 in our programs.  Once again the crack-staff TCI will be manning our booth and showcasing how TCI brings learning alive.

Before I close out the blog article, I have some challenges to the social-media minds out there.  If tweeting at the conference, send out your great thoughts and links using the #ncss2010 hashtag.  Go to one of our sessions and tweet from there!  Follow our Facebook feed and add your comments.  For those using FourSquare, make sure to “check in” at the TCI booth…try to become the mayor.  Don’t have your swarm badge yet?  Let’s get 50 people to check in at the TCI booth!  I am inviting any and all to come to the booth at high-noon on Friday for a massive TCI simulation of the popular Dot Game from our History Alive! Pursuing American Ideals program.

I hope to see/meet you if you attend the NCSS, but even if you’re not able to come in person, you can follow TCI as we lead the way!

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