Subscription Outage



I want to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by our subscription outage today. We know how important a reliable online curriculum is to you and your students.


Why It Happened
We had more subscription users sign in at one time, than we anticipated. Simply put, we didn’t have enough servers.


When It Will Be Fixed
Tonight we finished adding new servers. As of 11 pm Pacific, our subscriptions are up and running. Our team will be closely monitoring the subscriptions today and will be in touch if there are any changes.


Preventing The Next Outage
No system is immune from a possible outage, but as educators our goal is 100% reliability. To this end, we added even more servers than required and will continue to add servers throughout the week. We’re also improving our communication process so that our customers have the latest information. We will always post updates on and make sure every customer who emails or calls us about an outage will get an email when the system is back up.


What’s Next
Thank you for the overwhelming support and encouragement so many of you provided during this outage. Your kind words and messages of support are greatly appreciated. And we are more determined than ever to provide you with the best service possible.


If you encounter subscription problems again, please let us know at and click on the “Contact support” link.

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