Subscription Changes: What Happened in 2016

Teachers know best! That’s why we’re always updating your subscription based on your feedback. The past year was full of changes, both big and small.. Here are our top 5 enhancements from 2016.

1. Customize Your Presentations

Teachers can now customize presentations by changing slide order, hiding slides, editing the Teacher Notes, and more! Be on the lookout for more customization features in 2017.

2. Better Student Responses, Faster

Autosaving, clipart in drawing prompts, and behind the scenes performance improvements made the Interactive Student Notebook better than ever.

3. See all of your Media in One Place*

Find primary sources, maps, videos, and other digital media from your program in one place. You can filter resources by media category or lesson and save your favorite media for easy reference.

4. Customize Point Values

Want to make one assessment question worth 1 point and another worth 10? Control point values question by question in our new assessments, or change the value of each interactive student notebook by lesson. The point values are up to you.

5. Customize Your Table of Contents

Do you like a simple Table of Contents with only lesson titles? Do you prefer to know everything you can about a lesson? Select what you want to see on your Table of Contents.

We hope you’ll love these changes. Have an idea for what we should work on next? Tell us here.


*This feature is currently available in in our 2015 Elementary Science, 2016 Elementary Social Studies, and 2017 Middle School Social Studies programs

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