Subscription Changes: Coming in 2017

Our team here at TCI have been busy enhancing every inch of the subscription to ensure you have the best possible experience. This year we’re planning some updates we think you’ll be excited about. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store:

1. Expanded Presentation Customization

Currently, teachers can change slide order, hide slides, and edit Teacher Notes. However, we know the million dollar question is, “When can I edit the actual slides?” Rest assured, that is coming!

2. Single Sign-On Galore

TCI will be expanding Single Sign-On options. Whether you use TCI’s Single Sign-on Token or LTI, we’ve got you covered. Need a different Single Sign On Solution? Submit your request here.

3. Rostering Made Easy

You asked and we answered – OneRoster will be implemented in Spring 2017 to make rostering easier than ever. Have a different rostering solution? Submit your request here.

4. Keep Students Engaged

Every lesson includes a lesson game. With new designs, your students will be eager to play, and they’ll be learning without even knowing it! New games are constantly being added.

5. Improved Assessments

With a new look, the assessment page will bring more visibility to assessment opportunities. The test builder will also get a makeover with new options and an improved user interface.

What else would make your 2017/2018 school year amazing? Share your ideas here.

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